Poppy Seed Images



Our Team :

Lis//Creator and lead Photographer

Lis is a biology major turned photographer in 2011. Born in Houston, Tx and currently lives in League City, Tx. She is married to John and has two kiddos, Cassidy and Aiden. She best describes her self as an introvert who learned how to be an extrovert. She loves nature, books (especially Harry Potter), coffee, and traveling. 

John//Photographer and Head of Videography

John went to Full Sail University in Orlando, Fl and graduated with BS in Film Production, in 2010. He loves everything film, with horror being his favorite. A family man and gaming nerd at heart.  

Who we are:

Poppy Seed Images is a photo and video team dedicated to providing the finest artful memories for our clients. We operate with professional, friendly, and efficient customer service, so our clients will be able to adore their photographs and films for generations.     

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